Sabtu, 31 Mei 2014

" Application Letter, Advertisment, and Memorandum " (Tugas)

Nama : M.Riky Noerilfahmi
Kelas / NPM : 3EB21 / (29211248) 
Mata Kuliah Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2 

"Application Letter"

Manajer Personalia JOGER
Jl. Objek Wisata Bali Kuta No. 31J
Bali, Indonesia 100113

31th Mei 2014

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am M.Riky Noerilfahmi. I am interested in the position of Akuntan in JOGER Bali. I am applying this position because I am capable to do the jobs in it.

I am applying to this company because I know the products in the society. I was graduated from Gunadarma University with good achievement in the economics faculty. I master and understand all about financial statements. I have a great experience in presenting a financial statement.

I know JOGER Bali from my friend who is working in JOGER Bali. He is Ahmad Daud Nugroho. He is a guard in JOGER Bali, too. I am ready to have the personal interview. I am ready anytime and anywhere. My phone number is 085252012xxx. Thanks for reading my application letter.

M.Riky Noerilfahmi

Resume, CV, Certificates, 2 Photos (3 X 4)



Needed immediately secretary to work in the company OneNight-Cafe, terms and criteria as follows:

    1. graduates S1
    2. Bachelor of Computers
    3. Can Berkumunikasi With Both
    4. Age 20-25 years
    5. female

      If Interested right to our company, OneNight street no 31, Bekasi, West Java. more info contact 085252012XXX


To         : All employees
From     : M.Riky Noerilfahmi, Director,

Date      : Mei 31, 2014
Subject  : Charitable Leave

         The corporation is pleased to announce a new policy which will allow employees to take paid time off for volunteer activities. Employees may take up to eight hours of paid leave per month to volunteer for charity organizations. Employees are eligible for this programs if they are full-time and have been employed here for at least one year. Charitable leave must also be approved by the employee’s supervisor.

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