Kamis, 26 Juni 2014

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Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitar is a guitar that has a hollow body or a resonance tube which serves to amplify the voice of the media plucked strings. Guitar like this is said to have existed since thousands of years ago with a range of diverse forms and then continue to evolve to be acoustic guitars with their present form.

The advantages of the most prominent acoustic guitar course guitar sounds like it has the most natural character, which results in a more beautiful and soft. Therefore, as this guitar is perfect for rhythmic songs with a low tempo (slow) to moderate including pop, jazz, keroncong, classical to traditional songs. Besides guitar like this also lighter when compared with electric guitar making it easy to carry anywhere, Harganyapun generally are also cheaper.

Disadvantages of an acoustic guitar is the only genre of music that fits certain to be played with a guitar like this. In addition to the development of acoustic guitar technique also impressed limited or in other words the acoustic guitar techniques difficult to develop.

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